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Social economy for everyone's benefit
I lend to the company of my choice and gain interest

The interest rate is set up after a meticulous analysis of the company

The company finances its project thanks to my loan

Thus contributing to the development of emerging countries.

I then recover my capital as well as the interest

My reimbursement is sent to my Solylend account.

Conditions of the loan

Loans at Solylend are solidary investments adapted to all sorts of incomes. Each lender can invest from 20 to 2000 euros per project during the entirety of the project's financing.

Setting of the interest rate

The rate which allows the calculation of interests owed to the lenders is set by Solylend after having studied the projects and the analysis of possible risks.
The rate is fixed/non-negotiable. It is applied to the outstanding capital on the day the funds are released.


Reimbursements are carried out monthly by the borrowing company. The monthly payments include a part of the amortized capitals and a part of the calculated interest on the outstanding principal capital.
These being calculated based on the amortisation table.

Why should you lend?
Give life to projects that have meaning
Bringing light to the many
There are currently 600 million people in the world living in the dark and who are forced to do their best lighting up their world with candlelight. Although they're very popular in developing countries, gas lamps not only represent 50% of household’s budget but also present possible health risks. However, good lighting is a necessary comfort for domestic uses, it would be so much better to light up the workspace of students trying to study and help families to feel more secure in their own homes. By financing social and solidarity projects, you could help light up thousands of homes and better their living standards.
Bringing drinkable water everywhere
Even though water is a resource we should preserve, our planet contains enough drinking water for everyone. However, around 650 million people still don't have access to drinkable water and more than 2 billion people don’t have access to an adequate sanitation system. Every day, almost 700 children die due to diarrheal diseases.
By financing social and solidarity projects, you could contribute to bringing drinkable water everywhere, including in the world's most secluded areas.
Develop responsible agricultural practices
Africa has one of the world's highest rate of farmers and farm lands on the planet, however, famines are still ravaging specific regions. Agricultural consumption in Africa represents on average more than 20 billion Euros spent each year, only 1 billion of this coming from local farms. By financing social and solidarity projects, you contribute to the development of durable agriculture, the creation of local jobs and to a more agriculturally self-sufficient population. <br> ...More social and solidarity innovations to come!
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