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Social economy for everyone's benefit
I lend to the company of my choice and gain interest

The interest rate is set up after a meticulous analysis of the company

The company finances its project thanks to my loan

Thus contributing to the development of emerging countries.

I then recover my capital as well as the interest

My reimbursement is sent to my Solylend account.

Conditions of the loan

Loans at Solylend are solidary investments adapted to all sorts of incomes. Each lender can invest from 20 to 2000 euros per project during the entirety of the project's financing.

Setting of the interest rate

The rate which allows the calculation of interests owed to the lenders is set by Solylend after having studied the projects and the analysis of possible risks.
The rate is fixed/non-negotiable. It is applied to the outstanding capital on the day the funds are released.


Reimbursements are carried out monthly by the borrowing company. The monthly payments include a part of the amortized capitals and a part of the calculated interest on the outstanding principal capital.
These being calculated based on the amortisation table.

Why should you lend?
Give life to projects that have meaning
Develop renewable energies
Solar, wind, hydraulic, geothermal and biomass energy... Today, renewable energies have a major role in the transition of our territories. Developing these solutions quickly, in collaboration with local players, is becoming a priority. France's objective is to reach 32% of renewable energy in its energy mix by 2030. Financing these projects is a gesture that reduces our impact on our planet and this on the long term !
Support concrete solutions for the transition of our territories
Solylend chose to highlight local initiatives and finance the development of impact projects. Sustainable mobility, agricultural transition, green cities or ethical fashion, Solylend financially supports these projects with considerable growth potential. By participating in the financing campaigns, you are directly involved in the transition of our territories !
Accelerate the sustainable development of emerging countries
Financing solidarity projects in emerging countries, particularly in Africa, is Solylend's DNA. Access to water, electricity, sustainable agriculture or digital technology, we support solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of these territories. By financing these projects, you are concretely improving the lives of thousands of men and women.
The lender’s path