Solylend, Let’s go!
Publiée le 23 May 2017

You've been waiting for it and it's here. The participative platform for solidarity lending, Solylend has launched!

Today, Tuesday the 23rd of May 2017, we launch our platform for collaborative lending! Our ambition: act together. Because it’s the union of all our good intentions that could carry out useful and innovative projects thanks to our crowdlending platform.

Solylend, a social and solidarity start-up

Brought up by Nicolas Pereira, founder and CEO, and Françoise Saugnac, CFO, the project Solylend intends on being a platform specialised  in crowdlending. The goal is to collect funds to finance projects such as access to water, electricity and education in developing countries.  

Supported by BPI, CCI Bordeaux, Ernst & Young, Sunna Design and Avistem Avocats, Solylend is also backed up by Darwin Le Campement Bordeaux all while being incubated in Bordeaux Technowest. All these invested in this solid project and gives it confidence in the future of its development.

Where does Solylend come from?  

Solylend is notably Nicolas' idea: "Having worked for Sunna Design, a company specialising in installing solar panels in developing countries, I saw first-hand how these countries were lacking in infrastructure. I decided to therefore create Solylend to help finance these infrastructures for people who really need it." The idea took root and became a reality after many months of work.

The name Solylend comes from mixing solidarity and i-lending together, the two I become Y Literally Solylend claims itself to be tightly entwined with solidarity loans with solidarity being at the heart of its identity. The motto "Act Together" constitutes the direction in which Solylend wants to progress. Its goal : give life to projects that make sense and bring a global solution for change.

Solylend's ambitions

Solylend's project puts one realisation at the forefront of its ideologie : 72 million people don't have access to education, 1.3 billion don't have access to electricity and 3 billion don't have access to drinkable water. There is obviously a need to find sound solutions for these people. Solylend's ambition is to make French savings useful to finance Social and Solidarity economy projects everywhere in the world.  

What does the future hold in store? Nicolas sums it up the best: "We want to be a major player in crowdlending by collecting funds from lenders all over Europe. Therefore, we want to assemble a community ready to help people who desperately need sustainable infrastructure. Solylend is THE crowdlending platform of tomorrow."

Starting now you can act along with us. The first project has been launched and others are in preparation. We need you so that this dream can become a reality, so that a mother doesn't have to walk for hours at a time to find drinkable water and so that a child can learn to read in a building worthy to be called a school.

Let's act together, for change.